Pole-Bender ® ™

Poles that bend when you don't!

Pole-Bender Do you hate getting off your horse to put a pole back up?
I know, you're not supposed to hit them, but when you do, what a pain!!

We've come up with this great new innovation. Our Pole-Benders allow you or your horse to hit the pole without it going down!

Save time and effort when you practice!!

Convert your ordinary practice pole set to a Pole-Bender Set and save time, effort, and frustration for your practice sessions. The Pole-Bender allows you to strike a pole (wear your shinguards) without it going down.

This set of 6 coiled springs will right the pole all by itself.
Made in the USA
PoleBases and poles sold separately.

Get more Practice Time!

$10.00 Shipping

Pole Bender Pole Bender Made of durable PVC and epoxy resins, the Pole-Bender Set will last for a long time. Sealed against the weather, it can be used outdoors all year long.
Specially designed for Pole Bending Sets, its fits right on your existing 1 1/2" PVC Poles.

Simply follow the simple directions enclosed, and you'll get more riding out of your practice time immediately.

PoleBases and poles sold separately.

The Pole-Bender name is a registered trademark of The Tack Stop

Pole-Bender is a Patented Product

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