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Use the following instructions to link your site with us.  By using the button above with the following code, your link will be placed on our site. You may choose which code segment to use on your webpage. 

Option 1 is designed for links pages.  It contains the button, with a description to the right of it.
Option 2 is more compact and can be used on any page.

Step 1)  Save the button above locally on your site. 
                For windows, hold the mouse over the image, right click and save Image As 
                For Macs, place the mouse over the image and hold down the button, and save the image.

Step 2) Place the following code on your web page.  Cut and paste the code to reduce mistakes. Choose either Option 1 or Option 2

Step 3)  Email about your link. Give us the complete address where the link is.  After we verify the link, your link will be placed on our site.   

Code for Option 1

<!-- The Tack Stop Link Frag --> 
<a href=""><img src="tackbanner16060.jpg" alt="The Tack Stop" width=160 height=60 hspace=5 align="left"></a><b><font size=+1>The Tack Stop</b></font> - Barrel Racing and Pole Bending tack and equipment. Quality Gear that can stand up to speed!
<!--End tack frag -->
Code for Option 2
<!--The Tack Stop Link Button -->
<a href=""></a>

Legalese (Usage Guidelines):

1. Except as The Tack Stop may otherwise agree in writing, you may only use the button provided above ("button") and only as provided in these Guidelines. By downloading the button, you agree to be bound by and comply with these Policies.

2. You may only use the button on your website, and not in any other manner. The button must always be an active link to The Tack Stop Home Page at The button and HTML code for the link are provided above.

3. The button gif includes the words "The Tack Stop", describing the significance of the button on your site. (i.e., the The button is a link to The Tack Stop home page). It is not an endorsement of your site. You may not remove or alter this or any other element of the button.

4. The button may be used only on web pages that make accurate references to The Tack Stop or its products or services. Your web page title and other trademarks and logos must appear at least as prominently as the button. You may not display the button in any manner that implies sponsorship, endorsement, or license by The Tack Stop.

5. The button must appear by itself, with a minimum spacing (15 pixels) between each side of the button and other graphic or textual elements on your page. The button may not be used as a feature or design element of any other button.

6. You may not alter the button in any manner. Removal or alteration of any design element of the button, alteration of the size, proportions, colors, elements or animation, morphing or other distortion of the perspective or appearance of the button are strictly prohibited.

7. You may not use the button on any site that disparages The Tack Stop or its products or services, infringes any The Tack Stop Intellectual property or other rights, or violates any state, federal or international law.

8. Except as granted by this The Tack Stop link exchange, you are not granted a license or any other right to The Tack Stop logos or trademarks. The Tack Stop reserves the right to take action against any use that does not conform to these Policies, infringes any The Tack Stop intellectual property or other right, or violates other applicable law.

9. The Tack Stop reserves the right in its sole discretion to deny, terminate or modify permission to use the button at any time.


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