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Bit Terminology

Jr Cow Horse Bits

Junior Cowhorse bits are extremely good bits if you need help getting your horse's legs underneath him and his rear end down. The short gag action collects a horse very well.

JR Cowhorse Chaine JR Cowhorse Copper Twist Showman Jr Cowhorse Copper Roller Bit Professional Choice Twisted Snaffle Professional Choice Dog Bone Short Professional Choice Copper Lifesaver Professional Choice Smooth Snaffle Professional Choice Port Chain Reining Horse Curb Gag 324 Jr Cow Horse Bit 341 Jr Cow Horse Bit 342 Jr Cow Horse Bit 343 Jr Cow Horse Bit 344 Jr Cow Horse Bit 348 Jr Cow Horse Bit 349 Jr Cow Horse Bit 349 Jr Cow Horse Bit 350 Jr Cow Horse Bit 450

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